Hospitality at Magnolia Manor

Client Comments

"This is amazing, where do I sign up for next year?" Dr. Steve Gange

"I have been to over 50 major sporting events over the years and have never had such incredible hospitality anywhere." Butch VonWeller, Weller Pools

"The food was spectacular." John McGrath, JEM Restaurant Group

"Magnolia Manor provided the perfect hospitality venue for The American Golf Holiday's clients at this years Masters. Given that our customers are some of the most discerning golf travellers to be found, it was very pleasing to receive so many positive comments. Many clients were very complimentary about the outstanding standard of service provided, and they particularly liked the location and relaxing ambience of the building." John Hooper, The American Golf Holiday

"To paraphrase Bobby Jones, 'If I could only take the time I spent at Magnolia Manor, I would have had a rich and fulfilled time at the Masters.' Thanks to the folks at Magnolia Manor who really enhanced the experience of the Masters for me and my friends." Dave Cook, Partner Stamp-Ad, Inc.